Ear surgery (EarFold)

Ear surgery (EarFold)

A new minimally-invasive technique, EarFold allows for the treatment of protruding ears in just a few minutes.

A new technique, EarFold makes it easier to treat the majority of protruding ears. EarFold is a small implant that remodels the ear cartilage according to the shape desired. It is a minimally-invasive technique that represents a good alternative to the conventional otoplasty. The EarFold implant is made of a nickel and titanium metal alloy, Nitinol.

The procedure takes approximately 2 minutes per ear in the operating theatre, under local anesthesia, with a very quick recovery and without having to wear a headband. The total time for the procedure is approximately 20 minutes. The surgeon makes a small incision in the fold behind the ear and then inserts the EarFold implant under the skin. Once positioned, the implants cling to the ear cartilage and reduce the protruding aspect of the cartilage plicature. One or two EarFold implants are used in each ear to achieve the desired result.

The result is visible immediately. The EarFold implant is designed to stay in place permanently in order to maintain the result for life.

Aim: to improve the shape and position of protruding ears. EarFold is a minimally-invasive technique. There is no bruising or edema. At most, the patient feels slight pain for a few days. There is no need to wear a special bandage and ears can be touched immediately or come into contact with water.

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